This Sunday (27th March 2016) it is my deep pleasure to host an Open Day of the UK TCM Network at my clinic in Central London. We will have a range of presentations from expert practitioners and a real chance to learn and share our experiences within our new league - the UK TCM Network It will also give fellow practitioners a chance to network and learn from eachothers practices.

This made me think of how valuable human contact is between people in the same profession and how valuable it is to see eachother in our natural environment, share food and get to know eachother a little better. We each become stronger through others.

We are still evolving in the UK TCM Network and developing our group in the way that works best for all t...

Lymphatic drainage massage is a way of quickening lymph drainage to benefit the body and its function. Massage techniques can improve the effect it is true by assisting the lymph to move into the extracellular spaces of the body. This helps the detoxification function and helps restore the bodies balances. By detoxifying the body the acquired immune system is boosted and the body is more rigorous in resisting infection.
What is it?
The lymph system is responsible for the detoxification and disposal of metabolic waste from the body. The practitioner manually applies pressure to the patients body helping the function of the lymphatic system.
What can you treat with this?
Lymph drainage massage is a good way of dealing with the compromised...

Throughout thousands of years of history Chinese women have valued their beauty and the beauty of their face and silky smooth skin. The Chinese have evolved many means of helping outer beauty, the foundation of which is inner health. Some of these means are:

  • Facial massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Scraping (gua sha)

  • Chinese herbs (taken internally)

  • Facial masks.

 These are a mixture of traditional means and modern beauty treatments.

Facial massage has long been used to relax muscles and directly help eradicate wrinkles. This work can also enhance the effect of the other treatments if used in combination.

Acupuncture applied to the facial area or to other acupoints around the body. These can help inner health which can help skin and fa...

Love is the greatest Power and is the starting point for all of them. Behind the power of Love is the power of sex, happy sexual relations are the foundation of a fruitful relationship. The Ancient Chinese believed whether creating a new relationship or a new life in the form of a baby sex was necessary and needed careful study and practice. Over 2,000 years ago the Ancient Chinese not only studied peak sexual performance but set down records describing in detail how to attain this. The Yellow Emperor had 4 Taoist advisers just for affairs of the bedchambers and significantly 3 of these were women. Even the mighty emperor was concerned to give his lover ultimate ecstasy and asked questions how this could be done.

The basis of a good sex life is f...

The Shujun Way of Health is an exciting fusion of the best means of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest Western influences; particularly in the field of high quality nutrition, diagnostics and beauty treatments.

The Chinese health tradition is based on scientific enquiry spanning over 5,000 years. Powerful models or metaphors are used to look at the various aspects of health and human life. These include:

  • The One Source of Life

  • The Two Poles (yin and yang)

  • The Three States (heaven/earth and humans)

  • The Four Foundations (blood/energy/nourishment/resistance)

  • The Five Elements (Wood/Fire/Earth/Metal/Water)

  • The Six Evils (wind/cold/heat/dampness/dryness/fire)

  • The Seven Emotions (anger/joy/grief/fear/fright/ex...

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