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Our Team

Dr Duan

Dr Shujun Duan has extensive clinical experience and has been practising Traditional Chinese Medicine (‘TCM’) for more than thirty years. During this time she has provided relief and help to many patients.

Dr Penda Chen

Pengda Chen: He started working for Shujun healthcare since 2008, and he has expertise in treating stiff neck, frozen shoulder, back pain, migraine, tennis/golf elbow, knee and ankle problems, sports injuries, stress, anxiety and insomnia with his ‘Qi Gong Tui Na‘ massage. Also he has a wide experience in treating pregnancy issues with massage, moxibustion and reflexology.

Professional Chinese Medicine Doctor

Dr Xia Zhang

Dr Xia Zhang, has over 30 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine. Dr Zhang has engaged in traditional Chinese medicine clinical work for nearly forty years,

She started her work in UK since 2002, she is good at the treatments of digestive disorders, acute and chronic gastroenteritis, insomnia depression, pain rheumatoid arthritis, gynecological diseases, infertility, chronic cough and so on.

Professional Chinese Medicine Doctor

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