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It's a good network - UK TCM Network

This Sunday (27th March 2016) it is my deep pleasure to host an Open Day of the UK TCM Network at my clinic in Central London. We will have a range of presentations from expert practitioners and a real chance to learn and share our experiences within our new league - the UK TCM Network It will also give fellow practitioners a chance to network and learn from eachothers practices.

This made me think of how valuable human contact is between people in the same profession and how valuable it is to see eachother in our natural environment, share food and get to know eachother a little better. We each become stronger through others.

We are still evolving in the UK TCM Network and developing our group in the way that works best for all the members. Contact me at or through LinkedIn for further details of the UK TCM Network.

Shujun says - it's good to network!

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