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The Shujun Way of Health – The Power of Beauty (with a beautiful face and silky skin)

Throughout thousands of years of history Chinese women have valued their beauty and the beauty of their face and silky smooth skin. The Chinese have evolved many means of helping outer beauty, the foundation of which is inner health. Some of these means are:

  • Facial massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Scraping (gua sha)

  • Chinese herbs (taken internally)

  • Facial masks.

These are a mixture of traditional means and modern beauty treatments.

Facial massage has long been used to relax muscles and directly help eradicate wrinkles. This work can also enhance the effect of the other treatments if used in combination.

Acupuncture applied to the facial area or to other acupoints around the body. These can help inner health which can help skin and facial beauty by clearing skin conditions. Acupuncture can also help treat the condition like stress by de-stressing the patient and helping resolve any emotional problems. Conditions like PMT, women’s issues and the menopause can result in skin conditions and acupuncture can help reduce these.

Scraping is where you use a hard tool to scrape the skins surface and affect the underlying skin support system such that any impurities erupt and clear away from the skin. This also acts on the facial muscule system as well as stimulating the channels enhancing the flow of qi.

Chinese herbs have a noted superiority as a way of helping to clear skin conditions like acne, psoirisis, eczema and so on. In terms of TCM these act to cool the blood as TCM holds that too much heat in the blood can cause some skin complaints.

Facial masks are applied directly to the face made of cotton or other safe materials. These are carefully arranged around the facial features and can include collagen, anti-ageing agents, moisturizing agents, skin abrading agents that are in contact with the skin so can give you the maximum benefit. These are left in place for awhile as the active ingredients do their work and can be used in combination with other treatments to give a powerful combined effect.

These are just some of the wide variety of safe treatments a Chinese doctor can offer patients to deal with their skin conditions or achieve a beautiful face and silky skin. The Chinese doctor will always look at the patient and their underlying condition so if diet is also a factor will encourage the patient to make the necessary changes in diet, for example by eating less chocolate.

In my work I have had very good results with a very special skincare range which is supported by solid scientific research and is tailored for a range of skin conditions (contact me for more details). This includes a very special tool that you can use at home which uses galvanic action (normally only accessible at beauty saloons).

Shujun believes our face can show our true beauty – with a little help.


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ageLOC Galvanic Spa Face Treatment Demo

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