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The Shu Jun Way of Health

The Shujun Way of Health is an exciting fusion of the best means of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest Western influences; particularly in the field of high quality nutrition, diagnostics and beauty treatments.

The Chinese health tradition is based on scientific enquiry spanning over 5,000 years. Powerful models or metaphors are used to look at the various aspects of health and human life. These include:

  • The One Source of Life

  • The Two Poles (yin and yang)

  • The Three States (heaven/earth and humans)

  • The Four Foundations (blood/energy/nourishment/resistance)

  • The Five Elements (Wood/Fire/Earth/Metal/Water)

  • The Six Evils (wind/cold/heat/dampness/dryness/fire)

  • The Seven Emotions (anger/joy/grief/fear/fright/exhaustion/worry)

  • The Eight Indicators (yin/yang/internal/external/cold/hot/empty/full).

The Chinese above valued the preservation of the Three Treasures, which are Body, Energy and Spirit. Much effort and attention was spent in preserving health instead of waiting for ill health before taking action.

The Shujun Way of Health is based on Five Powers:

  • The Power of Longevity (anti-aging)

  • The Power of the Internal Organs (internal health)

  • The Power of Beauty (beauty treatements)

  • The Power of the Body (weight control)

  • Love is Power (healthy sexual life).

Shujun believes using these Powers wisely will give us all a healthy and fulfilled life!


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