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The Shujun Way of Health – Love is Power: the power of sex

Love is the greatest Power and is the starting point for all of them. Behind the power of Love is the power of sex, happy sexual relations are the foundation of a fruitful relationship. The Ancient Chinese believed whether creating a new relationship or a new life in the form of a baby sex was necessary and needed careful study and practice. Over 2,000 years ago the Ancient Chinese not only studied peak sexual performance but set down records describing in detail how to attain this. The Yellow Emperor had 4 Taoist advisers just for affairs of the bedchambers and significantly 3 of these were women. Even the mighty emperor was concerned to give his lover ultimate ecstasy and asked questions how this could be done.

The basis of a good sex life is found in the other Powers. Women sought to make themselves beautiful to attract and delight a loving partner. The demands of exciting sexual performance needed good health and strong bodies for both. In Taoist thought there were three major themes:

  • Male control of ejaculation during sex

  • Separation of male orgasm from ejaculation

  • Means to bring complete satisfaction to the female.

It is rather easier for a man to gain satisfaction during sex and tempting to take his selfish pleasure. How much more powerful for a man to aim for complete satisfaction for his female partner. For good health it was advised by the sages to limit the amount of ejaculation especially as a man grew older. In this way the ancients developed ways for the male to delay or even postpone ejaculation even while enjoying orgasm time and time again. In this way he will retain his vital essence and use this to improve his health and prolong his life. Also he can last longer in the sex act and please his partner – it being known the female needs longer to become aroused and achieve satisfaction. So the aim of the male was to study his female partner and modify his technique to her needs.

The ancient texts refer to the one thousand loving thrusts needed to bring his partner to ecstasy as well as varying his positions and style of thrusting including rests and pauses. This needed great health to provide the stamina needed and men could develop this through herbs and qi gong exercise. Many herbs are identified with increasing male virility including cordyceps which are dispensed by TCM practitioners today. Where a man may not be a capable or experienced lover he needs to improve his health to prevent his relationship becoming stale and fruitless.

For women they firstly need to find an ideal loving partner, he should:

  • Have great health to generate the right stamina for exciting loving

  • Have knowledge and sexual technique or willing to learn this from a more experienced woman

  • Have a strong male member for intercourse that will remain hard during the prolonged love play needed to satisfy his partner.

The male must study his partner so he knows which position is best for her and the style of thrusting; gentle or hard, slow or fast and powerful. The ancient texts noted the five signs of female arousal:

  • Her face reddens

  • Her nipples harden and sweat appears around her nose

  • Parched throat, dry lips and difficulty swallowing

  • Her parts grow wet and engorged

  • The final sign is fluid from her parts.

This final sign has been interpreted by commentators as referring to female ejaculation as it is distinguished from lubrication. In this the Chinese were considerably ahead of modern scientific opinion which is still undecided on this. By observing each sign the male will seem to know her needs and do exactly what she needs at that time.

Besides studying the way of providing mutual satisfaction in the bedroom the Chinese also looked carefully at balancing the body and increasing fertility for procreation. Use of herbs and acupuncture are a good means of overcoming male problems like impotence. Another male problem – premature ejaculation can also be improved by use of qi gong and acupuncture. For women the main issue is infertility and there have been several studies into treatment of infertility by use of acupuncture.

Shujun says Love is power; it is limitless but use it wisely!


The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity – Daniel Reid

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