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连花清汤 Mixed Herbs: Lian Hua Qing   100g

Ingredints: Radix isatidis (板兰根) Cordate houttuynia(鱼腥草) Fructus forsythiae(连翘) Lonicera japonica(金银花) Pogostemon cablin(广藿香) Semen armeniacae amarae(苦杏仁)


Usage: 2 tea spoon each time, twice a day


This mixed herbal powder is for treating people have mild symptoms such as Coughing, Dry throat, temprature etc.

Lianhua Qing

  • 1. Put two tea spoon in a cup.

    2. Add boiled water about 2CM above the powder.

    3.Stiring, herbal powder will melt, drink it as the warmest as you can.

  • We wont accept returning herbal medicine, please check before you buy.

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