Our Team

Dr. Shu Jun Duan

Dr Shu Jun Duan has developed an unique and effective healthcare programme. She graduated from Hunan Traditional Chinese Medicine University in 1996 , awarded a MSc degree ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ) from University of Middlesex in 2012. She joined the Association of  Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK) in November 2004 and became a Fellow Member in 2011. 

Dr Shujun Duan specialises in advanced acupuncture, scraping, therapeutic deep tissue meridian massage, Hot herbal sachet massage,Facial beauty massage,  lymphatic massage; Traditional hand massage and Reflexology.

Dr Shujun Duan is also an inspiring teacher. Through her Shujun Academy courses she passes on her wisdom and deep knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its various treatments.

Director of Shu Jun Healthcare

Dr. Yangui Guo

Dr Yangui Guo, was born in Ningxia, China. He graduated from Gansu Health School in 1990 and worked at  The People's hospital of Gansu since then. He furthered his medication study in Ningxia Hospital Academy, He established a Health & Massage education  school in 1999. He came to The United Kingdom 12 years ago, and engaged in Chinese medicine work so far. His specialties are rule all kinds of pain, Qigong medical, Foot treatment, Weight loss acupuncture.

Professional Chinese Doctor

Dr. Mengzhu Qian

Dr Meng zhu Qian, has over 30 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.graduated from Tianjin Traditional Chinese Medicine School in 1976. She furthered her education about Acupuncture and Moxibustion inTianjin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine from 1990 to 1992. Dr Qian has engaged in traditional Chinese medicine clinical work for nearly forty years,

She started her work in UK since 2002,  she is good at the treatments of digestive disorders, acute and chronic gastroenteritis, insomnia depression, pain rheumatoid arthritis, gynecological diseases, infertility, chronic cough and so on.

Professional Chinese Medicine Doctor

Ping Lin (Ping Ping)

Ping Lin (Ping Ping) was a student of Dr Shujun, and has joined in Shujun Healthcare since 2011, for the past nine years, Ping Ping has had hundreds of patients coming back for her treatment, even after they moved their house. She has a passion for all aspects of Tui Na and how it improves customers’ health. Her approach is intended to address one’s specific needs and promote whole body wellness. 

Qualified Chinese Medicine therapist

Pengda Chen

Pengda Chen: He started working for Shujun healthcare since 2008, and he has expertise in treating stiff neck, frozen shoulder, back pain, migraine, tennis/golf elbow, knee and ankle problems, sports injuries, stress, anxiety and insomnia with his ‘Qi Gong Tui Na‘ massage. Also he has a wide  experience in treating  pregnancy issues with massage,  moxibustion and reflexology.

Qualified Chinese Medicine therapist

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